Can't Read Urdu. Download Urdu Font and Install into the system.

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Urdu Language Tools

“Urdu Language Tools” is a collection of programmes to handle the Urdu language on the internet. It is very difficult to write Urdu for the web without a proper assistive programme and a Unicode font. Here we try to integrate some tools available on the internet. By using these tools a person can easily type the Urdu language. The method of Urdu Transliteration typing is used here. It is great pleasure for everybody to express the ideas in native language. The problem is typing in Urdu is not very easy. Every different font will provide their own keyboard layout and generally, they are very complicated to handle. Unicode fonts will provide unified keyboard layout to type Urdu. In Transliteration method just type Urdu in English and the software will convert it into Urdu Unicode text. The text is available to copy and paste in emails, web pages, documents etc. A Unicode compatible font is the only requirement for proper display of this text. And Most of the Urdu Unicode fonts are freely available for download on the internet. Download Urdu Unicode fonts from this website and install into the system will enable to read and write in the Urdu language online. A javascript enabled modern browser like Google chrome, Firefox, Safari, Vivaldi or Opera is the basic requirement to operate these tools.

An English-Urdu dictionary is provided to get meanings of English words in Urdu. The dictionary is a very helpful tool in Urdu translation or reading. Urdu translation tool is working using machine translation API from google. The translation may not be perfect and must be reviewed by Urdu language experts before using it. The translation will give a rough idea about the sentence and meaning of the sentence in the Urdu language.

A help page about how to install Urdu fonts in a computer is included. In most modern operating systems like GNU/Linux, Windows 10,8,7 the language support is available by default. Just copy the font file to the appropriate folder will enable the Urdu language rendering. In modern Android phones, the language support and the fonts are available by default. Just by changing the language will give you a Urdu interface of the phone.

Urdu Tool Set

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